Media Literacy & Orientation Program

Media literacy: the ability to Access, Analyze, Evaluate & Communicate information in a variety of formats including Print & Nonprint. 

We take this chance to introduce ourselves as the first institution of its sort in the region. We are the pioneers in starting the first Community & Technical College in the year 2005 to promote Liberal Arts & Mass Communication Education in the state. We started the first and till now the only Community Radio in the state in the year 2009. We Shall be thankful if you could access our website for details about us.

As you are aware, being citizens of the largest democracy of the world, media plays an important part in our lives. We are all consumers of media and take informed decisions based upon the information disseminated by media. So, our upcoming generation need to know about the basic structure and functioning of media and how our media organisations operate. So, we keep on organising Media Literacy and Orientation Workshops in different parts of the state. We are organising one such Media Literacy & Orientation Workshop on November 7 & 8, 2015 in Himalayan Buddhist Cultural  School, Batahar  Bihal. A group of media professionals from our college would be giving basic orientation about media (Writing Skills,Radio, TV, Photography, Videography, Social Media, Graphic Designing & Advertising etc.) to the selected students from 10th to 12th grades from the Government Schools of the Manali Sub-Division. After giving basic orientation about media, we would divide the students in different groups and provide them  practical training in the areas mentioned above. We would be charging the token fee of Rs 20/- per student for a two day workshop.We would be organising competition in different categories and give prizes to the winners and certificates to the participants.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Answer the questions:

  • What is media literacy?

  • What are the various dimensions and components of media literacy?

  • How do I incorporate it into my curriculum - in all content areas?

  • How will media literacy result in higher levels of student motivation and achievement, including CCSS?

 During this workshop you will get the basic Idea:

  • Media: What is Media and It's Role in Society.

  • Photography: Basics of Photography.

  • Scripting: What is Script Writing? How to write Creative Scripts?

  • Commercial Making/Radio Jingle: What is Commercial Advertisments and  Radio Jingle? How to Record one?

  • Web Designing/Web Development: What is Web? Difference between Designing & Development?

  • Film Shooting/Chroma Setup: Basics of Film Shooting? What is Croma Setup?

  • Radio Talk: What is Radio? and How to Prepare Radio Talk?

  • Press Conference/Press Release: Basics of Press Conference/Press Release? How to Prepare for it?

  • Create a Video/Mobile Documentary: Basics of Creating Videos and Recording Mobile Documentories?

  • TV Reporting: What is Reporting? How to prepare Report for TV?

  • Acting as a Journalist: Who is a Journalist? Act as Journalist.

  • Photo Essay/Competition: Basics of Photo Essay?

Register by Phone: 01792-229297, Email: or online at M.S. Panwar Community & Technical College