Professional Photography Video Graphy : (12 Month )

Photo & Video Graphy

One does not have to study photography only to become Shadiwala Photographer. By profession you may be an Architect, Engineer, Doctor, Fashion Designer, Film Maker or a Media Practitioner, a good knowledge of photography will become a big asset in your present career. This course includes Practical training in 35 mm Film Camera, SLR Camera, Medium format Camera, Flash, Photography, Studio Setups, Table Top for products, Macro, Micro and many more. In Digital photography training includes on prosumer Cameras and Digital SLR Cameras; Computer based Image Editing and Digital Printing. Course also includes practical in B &W Film Developing and Printing on Enlarger. Our well Equipped Photography studio and Computer Lab will give you enough freedom to practice and experiment to make you professional. The training on computer will make you perfect in Image Editing Digital Photo finishing. This will make you Professional Digital Photographer. In second semester you will be making portfolio in your own field of interest such as, Fashion, Products, Studio, Sports, Events, Nature, Medical or Architectural photography.