Courses Available

Message from the President

M. S. Panwar Community & Technical College, Solan Valley, Shimla Hills offers a fresh perspective to millions of youngsters and professionals who dream of making big in life but lack guidance, training and contacts in the professional industry. The field of Liberal Arts and Media industry offers various careers and opportunities which require different theoretical and practical training.

At M. S. Panwar Community College, we focus on practical training in Liberal and Creative Arts supported by effective teaching methodology by our highly skilled faculty with modern state of art studios,computers laborotary and radio technologies and equipments. 

We have our own Community Radio Station which is on-air for 12 hours every day since the year 2009. The students of our professional courses are exposed to hands on practical experience in a systematic manner. The first six months are devoted to the course work backed with practical training. The students of diploma courses are offered six months internship followed by placement programs. 

Our students are well placed after completion of their courses. I invite you to join our professional courses and let your dreams get transformed into reality. Our community college welcomes admission from all around the globe. 


Brijender Singh Panwar,PhD 
President, M. S. Panwar Community &
Technical College, Solan, Shimla Hills, H.P